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                                            Strong, it stands out as the tonyon smart lock of Mount Florida

                                            This story began 30 years ago, in the early days of China's vigorous reform and opening up, a lock company with exquisite lock-making techniques was born on the eastern coast. In the following 30 years, he followed the pace of all walks of life in our country in pursuit of world speed and technology, step by step out of his own path, until today, has Developed into a Wenzhou Tonyon Lock Co. , Ltd. , Suzhou Kunshan Tonyon Lock Co. , Ltd. and Shanghai Kunshan Intelligent Technology Co. , Ltd. Two major production base and marketing center. With a total area of 80000 square production base of domestic lock champion.

                                            During these 30 years, the enterprise focused on the continuous improvement —— The progress of technology and power.

                                            Technology and patents are“Kunshan Tonyon”The most important points in the development process. So far, the company's various locks have full independent intellectual property rights, from design to production, the whole process of independent research and development, with a number of invention patents and appearance patents. The company has a complete range of products, more user-friendly functions, to meet the needs of different users of high standards.

                                            Each kind of honor is the enterprise's medal only, the user and the market approval is the enterprise's sharp sword.

                                            As a lock manufacturer, safety is always the first priority, as is the case with all products from Kunshan Tonyon, which has gone through a series of R & D Procedures, a series of inspection procedures, as well as word of mouth and feedback from customers at home and abroad, and the most professional inspection equipment, it's all about the safety of the locks at Kunshan Tonyon. "happy to buy, comfortable to use" is the basic service concept of Kunshan tonyon intelligent lock, complete after-sales service system, 24 hours a day for each user to provide the most professional, fastest, most thoughtful after-sales service. You'll feel better when you're safe. Let the user enjoy the high-tech safety and comfort in all directions.

                                            In the age of intelligence, the Industrial Revolution in lock industry was sounded.

                                            Since entering the new century, China has become the world's leading edge of research and development and application of intelligent technology. SMART electronic door locks, which are already common in the West, are rarely used in Chinese homes. With the demand of "intelligence, safety and trust" for people's security life, it is the general trend that electronic locks replace the traditional safety locks and go into thousands of households. Kunshan people at this time into the field of smart electronic locks, with its own strong strength and technology accumulation as the backing, the development of the first batch of products quickly occupied all markets, thus pulling the Kunshan tonyon electronic locks all the way.

                                            There is no royal road to manufacturing success, and the success of Tonyon in the smart lock market is a testament to its own strength, and a reward for the efforts of Kunshan people.

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