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                                            Kunshan Universal Intelligent Lock to unlock Chinese "Qi" quality

                                            From Lu Ban and Mozi to Tchien-kung kchaj-wu and Dream Pool Essays, China has been a versatile craftsman since ancient times and has long been ahead of the world in technology and invention. After experiencing the silence of modern times, in this post industrial era of intelligent information technology, china's high-tech companies are once again on top of the world with their creativity and demanding products. Kunshan General Lock is precisely in this era of Chinese enterprises research technology in a microcosm.

                                            Kunshan TonyonLock was founded in 1986, has nearly 30 years of lock-making process. Since the beginning of the manufacture of ordinary locks, Kunshan has looked around the world, quickly entered the international market, a small lock, in those days bearing the recognition of the developed countries to the Chinese manufacturing. In the 21st century, Kunshan is no longer satisfied with the marketing of traditional Seiko locks, so relying on the company's decades of accumulated experience and strong strength in lock making, Kunshan General officially entered the field of smart electronic locks and developed its own technology, constantly fumble and improve, fast in the smart lock this emerging field to take a place.

                                            Technology and patents are the most important points in the development of "Kun Shan Tonyon" . So far, the company's various locks have full independent intellectual property rights, from design to production, the whole process of independent research and development, with a number of invention patents and appearance patents. The company has a complete range of products, more user-friendly functions, to meet the needs of different users of high standards. Among them, "Kunshan" brand smart lock with advanced technology and excellent quality, won the 2017 Chinese Smart Lock well-known brand title. Kunshan Tonyon lock products throughout China, the European Union, the United States, Japan and other countries. Authorized by China Daily Hardware Standardization Center for the Industry Standard "bicycle lock standard" drafting revision unit. Advanced Technology, "Kunshan Tonyon" product research and development to provide technical support and innovation.

                                            Small Smart Lock, not a national treasure, into the overseas market, but also the embodiment of technology and work. The technology and manufacturing tradition of the Chinese nation is the example of the Kunshan people. It is the pursuit of the Kunshan people to insist on innovation and demanding of products and to create safe, convenient and more popular intelligent lock products.

                                            Use Kunshan Tonyon intelligent lock products, for you to unlock the Chinese "machine" quality.

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