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                                            Kunshan TONYON intelligent lock, do famous enterprise, fine enterprise, strong e

                                            As a leading domestic high-tech electronic lock product, Kunshan Electronic Lock has always been from the point of view of users, constantly innovating experience and technology to improve product quality, only for more families to provide a safer and more secure life to do their part.

                                            In the course of nearly three decades of development, Kunshan Tonyon has been transformed from a small traditional lock making enterprise, it has developed into a large-scale professional lock manufacturer with two major production bases and marketing centers, Suzhou Kunshan Universal Lock Co. , Ltd. , Wenzhou Tonyon Lock Co. , Ltd. and Shanghai Kunshan Intelligent Technology Co. , Ltd. . With a total area of 80,000 square meters of Production Base, Professional Technical R & D team, advanced assembly line and Inspection and testing equipment, and most importantly, experienced workers, all of this is to lock technology and quality assurance.

                                            Kunshan Tonyon's various locks, year-round marketing in Europe, the United States and Japan major overseas markets, is able to withstand the test of developed country consumers real gold and silver.

                                            But this is the past achievements, in the technological era, the traditional lock has been difficult for us to provide 100% security, the emergence of smart electronic lock to give us more and more secure options. Electronic door lock double increase security factor, convenience, intelligence and aesthetics are far better than traditional door lock, become the choice of more and more families. Kunshan general catch the tide, seize the opportunity to enter the smart lock market, their own research and development technology, these years have made remarkable achievements in the field of smart electronic locks.

                                            In 2018, he was awarded the "China Smart Lock famous brand" , "China well-known trademark" , "China's top ten lock King" and "Zhejiang famous brand" , potential to build China's smart lock industry in the future leading brands.

                                            The accolades are a recognition of products and businesses, and an encouragement to Kunshan Tonyon to continue lurking. Adhering to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, keep improving, honest and pragmatic, constantly innovating" , the company has gathered more than 30 years' R & D and Manufacturing Experience Team to further improve the technical content and intelligentization of the intelligent lock, lock appearance design is the crystallization of the senior designer team, engineers at all levels for manufacturing, testing and inspection layers to ensure lock quality, as well as thoughtful and meticulous after-sales service. All in all to the user's feelings and safety as the first element, the product to the extreme. Set off a new wave of safe and intelligent life.

                                            Kunshan tonyon smart lock There are two big visions: to become the leading enterprise brand of Chinese intelligent lock, and to strive to become a well-known brand of international intelligent lock industry. The TrueVisions is constantly making smart electronic locks that consumers like and that are safe and easy to use.

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