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                                            Kyunshan TONYON: reversing the dry jade, opening the door to a more intelligent

                                            On October 11th, the famous Smart Lock Brand, Foshan Foshan Foshan General Smart Lock, held the 2018 new product launch and brand conference at the Jinjiang Hotel, Zhujiajiao, CITIC Pacific, presenting the Mozi keyless system as the first generation of keyless mechanical keys, the Harvard 700 and the Harvard 800 were designed directly on the lock body, mozi keyless series received the unanimous recognition and affirmation of the guests present.

                                            The machine is ready, Tossing out a brick to get a jade gem

                                            I. Development

                                            Kunshan TONYON smart lockFounded in 1986, as a lock company with 30 years of enterprise history and experience in lock making, we always put reform and innovation in the first place of enterprise development, and with a high degree of industry awareness to take the lead. From 2005 to 2015 to start the intelligent lock strategy, Kunshan has been in the field of intelligent locks forge ahead, constantly challenge themselves, breakthrough self. The existing business scope has basically covered all lock products. In 2012, lockset production was raised to 40 million a year by advocating the full use of automation equipment.

                                            On October 10,2018, the day before the new product launch, Kunshan General Intelligent lock was invited to participate in the China International Hardware Exhibition at the National Convention and Exhibition Center, showing the world The charm of Kunshan lock and its manufacturing capabilities.

                                            On October 11,2018, Mr. Zhao Hongwu, director of Lock Information Center of China Daily Hardware Technology Development Center was invited to congratulate and deliver an important speech. Mr. Zhang Zuoming, chairman of Wenzhou General Locks Co. , Ltd. ; Mr. Zhang Linfeng, general manager of Suzhou Kunshan General Locks Co. , Ltd. ; Mr. Lin Jie, deputy general manager; Mr. Yin Shengzhu, general manager of Shanghai Kunshan Intelligent Technology Co. , Ltd. . In the applause of the guests at the scene, chairman Mr. Zhang Zuoming came to the stage to make a business speech, made a profound summary of the 30-year business development of Kunshan General Intelligent Lock, and painted a grand blueprint for future development. The chairman said: "from the earliest parts processing manufacturing, to steadily develop into a leading technology-leading precision lock manufacturers, Kunshan General Intelligent Lock has always known that solid accumulation is the best foundation for the development of the enterprise. " This is Kunshan General Intelligent Lock 30 years in the lock industry true portrayal.

                                            Mozi keyless Y series two new products, Y800 and Y700, appeared in the form of breaking through the Earth, mr. Yin Shengzhu, general manager of Shanghai Kunshan Intelligent Technology Co. , Ltd, introduced the design concept and function of the product, which won warm applause from the guests. Combined with the 2019 marketing strategy and investment promotion policy, there are 5 agents directly signed on the spot and expressed their willingness to establish long-term and stable cooperative relationship with Kunshan General Intelligent Lock. In an exciting draw, two lucky guests were selected on the spot to receive one each before the official launch of Mozi's keyless collection.

                                            As the first new product launch of Kunshan, Mozi keyless products bear the expectations of too many people in the industry and users, but also to the Kunshan GM brought development pressure and momentum.

                                            (2) vision

                                            Kunshan TONYON smart locks have been accumulating experience in the lock industry, from the earliest padlocks, to today's smart locks, Kunshan has been in line with the development of the times and user needs in the first place. Since 2006, when the first aluminum alloy padlock was introduced, as the first lock company in the industry to subvert the tradition of the industry, Kunshan has been looking for ways to subvert the traditional process of making locks, and constantly innovating, we strive to bring smart, safe, comfortable and convenient locks to thousands of households.

                                            It now has three production bases in Suzhou, Wenzhou and the Netherlands, with a total production line area of 80,000 square meters. With the interaction between the Yangtze River Delta Production Base and the European production base, from back-end R & D TO FRONT-END PRODUCTION TO SALES, Kunshan general intelligent lock has a complete and mature industrial chain. Front-end sales direct feedback front-line after-sales situation, ranging from the appearance of locks, customer behavior habits, lifestyle changes, technological innovation and self-creation, etc. , r & D Department will be the first time to receive these information one by one digestion, and on this basis to develop and design for user needs, in line with market requirements of the product. As a professional lock maker, we know more about the specific market changes and the actual needs of users than anyone else.

                                            The 2018 Mozi keyless y series is another perfect example of the upending of Kunshan Universal Smart Locks, which are designed with the streamlined appearance of sports cars and the warm and smooth lines of jade wares, making the lock products in line with the traditional oriental aesthetics. The operation interface is as clear as a mirror, the integration of smooth lock surface, at a glance, close to the feel, and in different operating conditions show different colors, intimate intuitive design, to bring users the most comfortable product experience.

                                            Kunshan not only to become China's intelligent lock leading enterprise brand, but also to become the world's Kunshan, and strive to become an international intelligent lock industry well-known brand.

                                            Mo Zi series, carved jade

                                            (1) subversion

                                            But the traditional idea of Chinese people living and working in peace and contentment runs through all the time. The door lock is not only the space of personal privacy, but also the first line of Defense to protect the homeland. Mozi series main "keyless" function, advocating the "keyless, more intelligent" concept. As we all know, modern life is gradually being transformed by intelligent products, such as smart watches, smart payments, smart homes (cleaning robots, smart sockets, smart tvs, etc.) , the impact of technology is subtly changing our lives.

                                            Kunshan intelligent walk in the forefront of the industry, the first time to feel the changes in society and technological innovation, from the user's needs, combined with the characteristics of its own locks, mozi keyless series of conventional electronic locks are equipped with mechanical lock for the back-up to open the way, completely avoid the mechanical back-up lock storage is not easy, easy to lose, security is not high and other problems.

                                            The patented combination lock head is chosen as the spare key function, the new mechanical combination button lock head structure is equipped with the super combination lock function, more than 1 million passwords increase the difficulty of cracking, the mutual opening rate is extremely low, and is embedded into the lock body as a whole, more double-key-type anti-technology to open the password function, once again subvert the original rotating password technical defects.

                                            In the lock industry so close to the design of intelligent life, and then with technological innovation and subversion innovation to make smart lock real intelligence, let the lock completely say goodbye to the key, really get rid of the key, let your home more secure, more secure, more comfortable.

                                            2. Refining

                                            1046/5000 Kunshan is designed to simplify the act of opening doors, so Mozi's keyless y series simply pushes, pulls, or holds the door open, reducing it to a single step. In these details, Kunshan Universal intelligent lock is like a human-oriented, perfect, honest and practical, innovative, and at the same time, five ways to unlock the lock, to meet the user's different life habits. The intimate design of virtual password, in the correct password before or after any number, length does not exceed 20, as long as there is a continuous correct password can open the door. The digital input password can be changed every time, greatly increasing the security of the password and effectively preventing the password from leaking. Compared to fixed passwords, virtual passwords are undoubtedly more secure, harder to spy on, less risky to leak, and more able to handle the embarrassment of someone else entering a password while they're nearby. Kunshan hope to become the guardian of your home mountain, whenever you go home, Kunshan Smart Lock is always as the first line of Defense of your home, to protect your safety. In the future, Kunshan General intelligent lock will continue to innovate in the field of intelligent lock, seeking to overturn, continue to launch keyless w series and s series, fully implement the "keyless, smarter" product philosophy, to bring time-saving, worry-saving, labor-saving products to thousands of households, lock to the place, live and work in peace and contentment is the mission of Kunshan General Intelligent Lock R & D design, is a belief engraved in the heart of every Kunshan people. We believe that with the rich experience of making locks and the international team's R & D and design ability, we can realize the ambition of chinese-made precision smart locks and show the world the firm strength of chinese-made smart locks.

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