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                                            Set off a new wave of smart locksChina -- Foshan Foshan Foshan Universal smart l

                                            Today's technological progress with each passing day, especially in the field of intelligent electronics technology is rapid development. China as the world's leading edge of research, development and application of intelligent technology. Mobile payments, industrial intelligence and other fields of new technology applications have reached a considerable breadth. SMART electronic door locks, which are already popular in the West, are not so popular in Chinese homes. In today's security life requires "intelligent, safe and reliable" , it is a trend to replace the traditional security lock in every household.

                                            Compared with traditional locks, the emergence of smart electronic locks is subversive. No matter in the security, convenience, beauty and reliability and other aspects of an overwhelming advantage. In this era of information technology, using reliable electronic lock to protect the safety of family and property is the choice to keep up with the trend of scientific and technological progress, but also a responsible choice for family safety.

                                            Before 2005, few Chinese homes were equipped with electronic locks. After the electronic locks of a number of brands, represented by Kunshan General Locks, went on the market, they were quickly accepted by the first batch of consumers, and gained a good reputation and were able to produce products that met the first batch of consumers'critical appetite, must be set safety, technical content, ease of use, aesthetic appearance in one of the high-specification products. In the years since, more and more families have opted for smart electronic locks when decorating. This is the victory of science and technology, the victory of the product itself, it is the win-win situation of electronic lock enterprises and consumers like Kunshan general lock.

                                            Why China's smart locks are starting off so smoothly? Take Kunshan General Lock as an example: General lock was founded in 1986, has nearly 30 years of lock history. For the lock of this kind of safety and quality have high requirements of the special products, a long history represents a wealth of experience and strong technical reserves. In the past 30 years, the products of Kyunsan GM have covered all over China, the European Union, the United States, Japan and other countries. Won "China famous trademark" "China's top ten lock King" and other honorary titles, and received the national "China Smart Lock well-known brand" certificate, which are positive proof of products and enterprises. It is rich experience and the concept of product excellence to make the products, so that China's own electronic locks can be accepted by the majority of consumers.

                                            Open and close at the touch of a finger, saving time on traditional locks; security that leaves thieves with no way to get to them; a superior look; and the improved taste that comes with technology, all of which are benefits of electronic locks. Kunshan Universal Electronic Lock has more than the above advantages: a key to enter the fingerprint; scan the fingerprint as fast as the smartphone to open the lock; convenient system settings; intelligent alarm and escape system; If you do not want to use the fingerprint system, there are more than one mode to choose from. All the design and technology in one sentence: make your life more safe and better.

                                            The company is located at the top of the top 100 counties in Kunshan, close to the economic center of Shanghai, with a superior geographical position and convenient transportation. The company has gathered more than 30 years of R & D and Manufacturing Experience Team to further improve the technical content and intelligence of the smart lock, the design of the lock is the crystallization of the senior designer team, engineers at all levels for manufacturing, testing and inspection of the layers to ensure the quality of locks, there are thoughtful and meticulous after-sales service. All in all to the user's feelings and safety as the first element, the product to the extreme. Set off a new wave of safe and intelligent life.

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