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                                            Leading technology

                                            In order to create the first-class brand products at home and abroad, the company adopts the advanced technology, materials and technology both at home and abroad in the development of new locks with new styles, new structures, new functions, mechatronics engineering locks, smart locks, etc. , the company has improved the traditional materials and technology, brought the technical level of the company's lock products into line with the international advanced technology, and made use of high and new technology to conduct pilot and decision-making research on product development, the high and middle-grade lock products with high precision, high firmness, multi-function and perfect art decoration have been molded, which guides the technical development direction of the industry. And FOCUS ON PRODUCT TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION:

                                            World-wide international standards to produce and test for the development of the focus
                                            Economic globalization has brought new challenges to the company. Standards have become the commanding point of competition in international industries, especially in high-tech industries. According to Jis d 9456 -- 1994"bicycle lock" , the enterprise product standard of Q / TYS 002-2007"Japanese bicycle lock" was established. The technical index of durability in this standard is more strict than foreign advanced standards.

                                            We should actively respond to the technical barriers to trade with standardization as its main content
                                            At present, the technical trade measures which take the product access standard as the main content are the main manifestation of the current international trade Non-tariff barriers to trade. In 2006, the 76 / 769 / EEC regulations of the European Union strictly limited the technical barriers from materials (broken down in 2006) and the technical barriers that have the greatest impact on the standards of product entry, for example, the Dutch Art Standard is an international advanced standard authoritative organization with great consumer dependence and influence in the international community. The company has applied for a number of national patents for nearly 20 kinds of heavy-duty tools, innovative lock materials and processes, and high-strength sealing structures. At present, three specifications of products have been approved by the "ART" product certification. The other three products are being certified.

                                            Research on information process model
                                            In the construction of the information key management system, CNC key processing new technology, not only to improve the processing efficiency of small tools, no industrial noise emissions, in line with environmental protection requirements, the after-sales service of key distribution is gradually solved by information technology, the product life cycle is enlarged, the energy consumption is low, and the recycling of materials and energy is improved. This is also a precedent in the lock industry, the project products have been listed as the "national key new product plan project. ".

                                            The implementation of patent strategy is the soul of product technology innovation
                                            In order to build brand strategy and strengthen intellectual property management, we can say that the implementation of patent strategy is the soul of innovation. We will patent work throughout the entire process of technological innovation, so that new product research and innovation. So far, a total of 114 patents have been filed, 90 of the patent right, the other 10 with the significance of intellectual property certification, which is the first in the peer.
                                            At present, there are 3 national-level projects for innovative new products, 4 provincial-level new product appraisals and 6 provincial-level projects. In Wenzhou, known as the "Lock City" , there are only two awards for scientific and technological progress, and this enterprise has won one of them.
                                            The company has a strong ability to make independent innovations in its products, especially in the face of the fact that the prices of raw materials have continued to rise over the past two years, the appreciation of the RMB exchange rate, the downward adjustment of export tax rebates and the upward adjustment of workers'wages, lock enterprises are facing a severe test to survive and develop in the fierce competition, but their sales have been on an upward trend, the main reason is to help the company to implement the product, technology and process and management of the overall innovation.

                                            Quality Certification

                                            The brand has covered the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Japan and other countries, and the world's largest supermarkets, products through the Netherlands Art, Sweden SBSC and the United Kingdom SOLD SECURE SECURE lock industry the most professional testing, reach European REACH, Rohs and ASTM F883-97 standards, general locks also received EN15496, CE, BSCI, ISO9001 certificate, etc. , and was awarded China's well-known Trademarks, China's top ten lock king, national inspection-free products, National Industry Standards Drafting Unit and other honors.

                                            SMART products

                                            In the future, we will extend the range of smart locks for all kinds of living needs

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